As You Wish & Prepare To Die

Published: 2013-01-24

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Colfax, CA. February 2013.


Crispin "Prepare To Die" and Fox Barrel "As You Wish"

Limited Release Ciders Aged in Wine Barrels,

With Killer Bee and Butterbean Honey

The Crispin Cider Company launches 2 daring, complex, romantic and truly adventurous ciders. Introducing Fox Barrel "As You Wish" a sublime pear cider aged in Chardonnay barrels and finished with Butterbean Honey and vanilla beans. Paired with Crispin "Prepare To Die" a dangerous, rapier of an apple cider aged in red wine barrels and finished with Killer Bee honey and organic blood orange.

The 2 draught only ciders are in limited release, on allocation only to the creative and adventurous.

"Inconceivable!" says Bruce Nissen, Crispin Head Cider-Maker. "We traveled the high seas, we fought pirates and dragons, climbed cliffs and scaled mountains. We enlisted a giant called John Enzenauer. And lo, our daring and ingenuity resulted in 2 gorgeous, adventurous ciders with heart, spirit and a little romance". "I think I may cry, just a little, only because I'm happy".

The Greatest Cider Adventures

Crispin "Prepare To Die"

ABV: 6.5%

Poured Appearance:Very slightly cloudy.

Color: Blood orange pink with hints of orange.

Aroma:Oaky with citrus freshness and authentic crushed apple.

Flavor:Slightly oaky tannins up front lead in to a balanced presentation of fresh citrus and cidery apples with lingering tartness and a balanced, strong, slightly sweet finish.

Fox Barrel "As You Wish"

ABV: 6.5%

Poured Appearance:Semi-opaque, slightly cloudy.

Color: Medium straw.

Aroma:Vanilla notes up front, hints of white wine and oak, very faint Brett farmhouse. Faint florals.

Flavor:Hint of Brettanomyces, oak up front moving in to soft pear and honey, with a rounded vanilla and ever so slightly creamy mouth-feel.

The Cider Storybook

Who doesn't love a great story?" says Joe Heron, Crispin Founder and CEO. "We are only limited by our imagination and our self-restricted sense of adventure, but when you embrace your inner-child we are only just mostly-dead, and we come to life, with ciders that make us happy, and hopefully also enthrall our drinkers".

About the Crispin Cider Company

The Crispin Cider Company produces natural hard apple craft ciders using fermented American unpasteurized fresh-pressed apple-juice in Original, Light and Brut varietals, and additional unfiltered Artisanal Reserves - Honey Crisp, Lansdowne, The Saint and Cho-tokkyu, and also imports a classic English Dry Cider, Crispin Browns Lane.

The Fox Barrel Cider Company is dedicated to the production of superior pure pear ciders, using American fermented fresh-pressed pear-juice. Available in Pacific Pear, Blackberry Pear and Apricot Pear varietals and additional unfiltered Cidery Reserves Ginger & Blackcurrant and Rhubarb & Elderberry. Fox Barrel also imports a classic English Perry.

Recent additions to the portfolio are Crispin Bare Naked, and Fox Barrel Pear Naked, USDA certified organic ciders featuring a unique double fermentation process.

The company is based in Chicago, IL & Colfax, CA. &

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