Desert Noir

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Crispin Desert Noir is the wilder side of cider. A very Limited Release draught oak barrel aged cider. Desert Noir blends apple-wine aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels with apple-wine aged in red wine oak barrels then back-sweetened with Agave Nectar and a touch of Prickly Pear Nectar.

Badass. Sexy. Exotic. Cider that tattoos your taste buds with deliciousness. Crispin Desert Noir is reminiscent of a walk in the desert at night, a leap of faith, a little bit scary and music is in the air (or is it in your head?). It's a dark night. Crafted as an ode to schlock-horror movies and guitar-driven rock and roll, Desert Noir is only available in very select better-beer bars, for a very limited time only.

Cider That Bites

Takes your taste buds hostage, hints of whiskey, sweetness of Agave nectar, and a tad prickly pear. A pour of the filtered cider resembles the desert sky, dark gold in appearance, bright, and full of life. Released 2011.

* Limited Release Cider - No Longer Available *

Certified Gluten Free

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