The Jacket

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The Jacket is a rare and amazing pleasure. An American cider masterpiece combining a blend of 4 unique apple-wines: fermented with Belgian Trappist ale yeast; Irish Stout yeast; wild fermentation heirloom cider-apple wine & Colfax Classic apple-wine: all aged in Tennessee Whiskey barrels. Finished with unfiltered Gravenstein apple-juice aged in the same casks. Crispin's Limited Release Number 5 Blend. 

The Jacket is a sippin' cider best enjoyed in a rocks glass. Substantive & complex without being overbearing. An early hint of whiskey, with delicate apple-brandy notes. Vanilla, light phenols, aged leather and a snappy tart conclusion.

Undiluted & unfiltered, blended from racked apple-wine straight off the barrels & includes rich apple-wine sediment in the bottle. For optimum bouquet & full whiskey aromas give a solid & full bottoms-up tilt & swirl to disperse the sediment evenly. Best enjoyed with 1 or 2 ice cubes or without ice at cellar temperature -50/55 F. Released Fall of 2010. 

* Limited Release Cider - No Longer Available *

Certified Gluten Free

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