The Union

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Crispin Ties The Knot

A combined fermentation, a marriage, of equal amounts of pure apple & pear juices using authentic French champagne yeast, chapelized with organic honey and kissed with a touch of rose water. A deaply joyous cider.

A Cider Celebration

It is said that alcohol fermented with honey enjoyed after the wedding ceremony, gave rise to the word “honeymoon”. With champagne yeast to celebrate, organic honey to consummate and rose water illustrating the beauty of the bride, The Union is an off-dry, brilliant golden, straw colored cider with a substantive bouquet of balanced of apple & pear.

The Union has rounded; full-bodied apple and pear flavors upfront, with hints of floral rose mid-palate and a light creamy, honeyed finish.

A Royal Cider Adventure

“The Royal Wedding is a once in a generation opportunity for the world to enjoy romance and fantasy that harks back to fairy tales. We love the whimsy of the occasion as well as the pomp and ceremony. Most of all we wanted to illustrate true love and the union of 2 parties as one. We also wanted to show how far the British Tradition of cider has come in the “colonies” ” says Bruce Nissen, Crispin COO and Head Cider-maker. Released April, 2011. 

* Limited Release Cider - No Longer Available *

Certified Gluten Free

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